Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.




We serve all court related documents on firms and/or individuals and take pride in providing personalised service. We guarantee the service of documents to be timely and lawful. We even draft and swear affidavits immediately after effecting service thereby streamlining your practice. Our servers always conduct themselves as if they are model representatives of your firm.

We are familiar with the law relating to service and we get continual updates on any changes.





ROBUK can investigate the location/existence of property and people. We have an extensive network and can locate the most difficult of subjects. We are often instructed by law firms to find subjects so that documents can be served. To date, we have been successful with every search we have done.  



Ro-trieval: ROBUK is experienced at debt collection. We can draft and serve statutory demands and manage debtor ledgers.

If necessary ROBUK can instruct solicitors on your behalf.

Under the Credit (Repossession) Act a creditor who has sold goods to consumers may repossess goods under any secured loans and/or hire purchase agreements. The creditor may repossess goods from a consumer if a consumer is in default under the terms of the agreement or the creditor has reasonable grounds to believe the goods have been or will be destroyed, removed or concealed. ROBUK has experienced repossession agents and can even draft the documents required to commence the repossession.

Costs: ROBUK understands that you need to know how much it costs to effect service, locate someone/something or to collect a debt. In that regard we have a transparent approach to costs allowing you to know exactly what course of action (if any) to take.
For a straight forward service job in our main area you can expect to pay $60.00 (+GST). As stated above, this includes a sworn affidavit of service. All costs are incurred on a time and attendance basis.



Nationwide Service